Why Revolution Is Better

Revolution Real Estate has successfully revolutionized the agent/client relationship. From offering the 0% Listing Program, to embracing the clients abilities to use the internet to their advantage, it’s all about the client. Past and present clients are buzzing about their experience with Revolution. As a result, Revolution Real Estate is growing and finding success for their clients, home buyers, home sellers, and for the business.
Revolution Real Estate’s success is not based on a gimmick, but rather built on fundamental changes to an age old industry. Plainly speaking, when you sell your home with Revolution Real Estate the traditional listing fee is waived down to 0% when you are repurchasing another home locally. Yes, REALLY!! That means the most you pay to have a professional Realtor sell your home is 3%, NOT 6%. Check out our FAQs for more details or contact a Revolution Realtor directly.

How much will you save?