In January of 2008 Tyler Rygmyr and Aaron Noffsinger opened the doors of Revolution Real Estate in Nashville, Tennessee. Each equipped with unique experience and professional backgrounds, they came together to form an exciting, fresh new experience for Nashville real estate market. Both Tyler and Aaron are brokers and have been top agents at other companies. In fact they met and bonded while working for the same real estate firm. Tyler’s background ranges from a small business co-owner managing thirty employees to being a law school student. This journey has prepared him with key critical thinking skills, ability to execute out-side-the-box solutions, and so much more. Aaron is rooted in the real estate industry where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a top performer and moved into management. He has witnessed first hand from the ground up both the good and the bad of the industry and knows what it takes to make the difference. These two founders of Revolution compliment and build off each other leaving no stone unturned. Revolution Real Estate currently has a small team of talented agents and office staff dedicated to the service of their clients.


Revolution Real Estate respects the individual. We understand that each of you is different. You have different likes, dislikes, different needs, different cultures. We understand that the majority of households in America now have access to high speed internet and that there are online tools to equip the potential home buyer or home seller. We understand that a trustworthy relationship with a client is more valuable than a three piece suit and a need to feel important. We understand that happy clients are clients who tell all their friends about their amazing real estate agent. From young professionals to career veterans, we all just want a real estate agent who listens, who gets us.
Like a Hawaiian shirt in a sea of black suits, the team at Revolution have brought a breath of fresh air to the real estate industry. Times have changed, the market has changed, technology has changed, and as a result the needs of today’s home buyers and sellers have changed. The simple fact is that the old ways of real estate just don’t work as much anymore. There is a need for new solutions and Revolution is here to do it’s part.