Goodbye Little Darlin’

There has been a lot of activity here at Revolution Real Estate and I Just Thought You’d Like to Know that as of this week we will no longer be in our office space at 119 Third Avenue South Ste 100. Now some of you may be thinking that I Couldn’t Keep from Crying when we decided to leave this location and before you start to Cry, Cry, Cry know that this is a great move for Revolution Real Estate. Let me give you a little more detail and You Tell Me what you think!

In the fall of 2010 Tyler and I looked for a new office space, one that encapsulated the Nashville vibe. We narrowed our search to downtown Nashville and as we were walking by 119 Third Avenue South, the building spoke to us. It said, “Hey Good Lookin’, why don’t you Come in Stranger”. It’s the same feeling you get when you see your first house, it just speaks to you. Next thing you know, I Get Rhythm and do a little happy dance as if I’m on a Train of Love. I look over and Tyler is speaking to the building saying, I Love You Because you’re so close to SoBro, You’re the Nearest Thing to Heaven, the exposed brick is exactly what we’re looking for and on he went. Sounds strange, but I Was There When It Happened!

So in December 2010, Revolution Real Estate opened our office doors in downtown Nashville when very little was happening on the south side of lower broadway. The energy of being downtown outweighed the need for convenient parking and Time and Time Again clients claimed how much fun they had closing on their homes in one of Nashville’s old downtown buildings.

A couple years later we found out the business Next in Line to occupy the empty space next to us was The Johnny Cash Museum! I have to say, being born in Tennessee and a Country Boy at heart, we were all excited to have them as our neighbors. If you’ve been in Nashville for any amount of time or follow the news, you’ve probably noticed the landscape of Nashville has changed with new businesses, venues and the new convention center, The Music City Center, popping up. There’s a real Battle of Nashville, (similar to The Battle of New Orleans) figuratively speaking, taking place that has created an opportunity for Revolution Real Estate.

With the popularity of The Johnny Cash Museum, the owner of the museum decided to purchase the entire building, which includes our current office space, and is looking to start expanding the museum this December. What does this mean for Revolution Real Estate? The Johnny Cash Museum offered to buyout the rest of our lease as part of their museum expansion, which consists of nearly half of the building’s street level retail space (prime real estate) and we agreed to support their decision. Initially when we heard about the building purchase we were like, Don’t Make Me Go, we love it here! We thought about moving Down the Street to 301 or opening a new office in New Mexico or Jackson, but none of those ideas made any sense. And you may think the next thought would be, Oh, Lonesome Me, but that’s not how we operate at Revolution Real Estate, After All, Life Goes On!

You see, I Came to Believe that the individuals and families who have used us to sell and buy their next home needed us to have a cool office space but the reality is that we spend 99% of our time with our customers outside our office helping them find the home of their dreams. It’s our customer service, our passionate team with an unmatched work ethic in the real estate industry that continues to make Revolution Real Estate one of the premier real estate groups in Nashville! If I Were a Carpenter, we’d need a showroom to highlight what we’ve made but fortunately for us, our showroom is the greatest city in America!

There You Go, you’ve got the scoop. Guess Things Happen That Way and It’s Just About Time for a change. We’re excited about the Wide Open Road in front of Revolution Real Estate. Now all that’s left is to move what seems like Sixteen Tons of office equipment. May be easier to pile it up and put a Ring of Fire around it but we’ll just take it all out One Piece At A Time!

Until we have a new address to share, give us a ring or send us an email, and we’ll come to you!

Thanks a Lot,
From all of us at Revolution Real Estate

*Creative credit goes to Johnny Cash for having so many great song titles!

Nashville – A Big Unfinished Song

The New York Times recently spotlighted Nashville as a city making all kinds of “tops” list in 2012. A Gallup poll ranked it in the top five regions for job growth. A national entrepreneurs’ group called it one of the best places to begin a technology start-up. And, GQ magazine declared it simply “Nowville.”

One area of mention about Nashville’s real estate market and overall economic health was described by Garrett Harper, vice president for research with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. His comments included….”Nashville’s modest growth meant a softer fall and a quicker path out of recession. By July 2012, real estate closings were up 28 percent over the previous year. Unemployment in Davidson County, which includes Nashville, is about 5.7 percent, compared with 7.8 percent nationally, and job growth is predicted to rise by 18 percent in next five years.”

For the full article, visit NY Times – Nashville

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